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You can reach your full potential. Move past the “I’m so busy” feeling and learn how to work smarter, not harder.  You can complete your most important tasks each day – eliminating distractions, staying focused, and enjoying the journey.  Find out more …


Self Evaluation

Time management strategies are simple to understand, but not easy to implement!  You can read books, but how can you take those strategies and make a real change in your life?  How do you know which time management strategies would work best in your unique time management plan?  Complete this quick quiz .

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Are you looking for a fun and knowledgeable speaker for your next event? Entertaining and educational, Lisa will personalize her content to fit the needs of your group. Find out more …


Your Free Gift

How often do you feel that your day is jammed packed? Each minute is filled with an activity … at the end of the day your “to-do” list still has at least 10 items on it. Let’s change that!!!!!  Get clear on how you WANT to spend your time – and how you ARE spending your time. Download your complimentary copy of my Magic 168 Action Guide!

Amanda Griffith“Lisa, I can firmly say that I have doubled my income since I began working with you, and possibly even more. And, even though I am paying a little more out in support staff, I still have much more coming in than I need now, and it feels wonderful! The work-free Friday I am about to experience tomorrow is also totally wonderful, and surprising. I am beginning to plan for my future in a new way and YOU have helped me rise to this new level. Can’t thank you enough for knowing it’s possible and guiding me there!” – Amanda Griffith



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