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The Best Time to Create a Checklist Is …

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Have I mentioned recently that I love checklists?  Well, I do!!!  (For many of the reasons why, please check out these other posts on the value of creating a utilizing a checklist.)

First, for what activities should you create a checklist?  Just about anything that recurs and has multiple steps. For example …

Create a dinner party
Plan a work event
Prepare for vacation
Sign on a new client
Back-to-school […]

What Good is a Checklist if You Don’t Use It?

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From a time management stand point I love checklists.  When you use a checklist you’ve created a process, stepping stones that allow you to logically move from step A to step B.  In addition, you help reduce the potential of overwhelm as you no longer need to try to remember everything involved in your project.

If you are […]

Spring clean your blog (12-step checklist)

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Faithful readers of my blog know that when it comes to time management, I LOVE to use A.W.E. Whether I am working towards a goal, creating change, or problem solving throughout the day – it’s important to create AWARENESS, WORK with laser focus, and EVALUATE the results.

I’m thrilled to introduce Delia Rusu from Blog Formatting this week as a guest blogger.  Her tips on […]

Avoid Overwhelm by Using a Checklist

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I love checklists!  I sincerely believe that if you do an activity more than once, or if the activity has multiple steps, you should use a checklist. A good checklist will take the pressure off our brains to “remember” – helping to avoid the “overwhelm” feeling.  For additional strategies to overcome overwhelm, please visit these previous posts.

Also, having a step-by-step process to follow eliminates the […]

In the News

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Breaking News
For Immediate Release: August 2015
Time Strategy Visionary releases new book for the holiday season.

Lisa Crilley Mallis announces the release of her latest book, Ho Ho NO! Tips for an Organized and Stress-Free Holiday Season. Mallis has assembled the best of her holiday time management tips into one guide

No matter what holiday (or none) you celebrate, the mid-winter season is usually full of parties […]

How to Set – and Honor – Your Boundaries

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“Every little NO protects your big YES.” – some amazingly smart woman.  (I wish I could remember who I first heard say this so I could credit her!).  

“I’m so busy doing things for other people, I don’t accomplish MY goals.” – a client “Syndi”.

“I don’t know how to say no, without offending the other person.” – overheard in line at the grocery store.
How […]

How to Spend Your Time Wisely

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It’s universal – we all want more money and more time.  Once we spend our money  – we can still make more.  But once we “spend” our time, it’s gone forever.

So why do we tend to “waste time” every day?  For most of us, wasting time isn’t intentional, it just “happens.”  It’s frustrating to get to the end of your day and realize you […]

Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal

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Goal Setting.  Do you set goals?  If you do, are they long term?  Short term?  A combination?

At the beginning of each year I set goals.  Sometimes, I also revisit these goals around my birthday in June.

But, on a day-to-day strategic level, I don’t necessarily put much focus on my “big goals”.  AND . . . until taking the Holistic Time Coaching class taught by […]

Exercise Your Pause Muscle

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What are you grateful for? How often do you “hit pause” and actually think about it?
In a recent session with a client, she began designing her action plan for the next week.  She was deciding which area she wanted to apply extra focus and effort: delegating or scheduling or estimating her time or email management or energy management (these were only a few of […]

What’s On Your Holiday Plate?

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We are continuing our journey to a Stress Free Holiday Season.  You deserve to enjoy each and every day of your life – especially the days at the end of the year that tend to be super hectic.  We tend to try to finish up some professional year-end goals and at the same time really crave some quality time with family and friends.
It is […]