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The “unofficial bio” . . .

I’m Lisa Crilley Mallis, the time strategy visionary. I love chocolate. I love working with clients that are passionate about their goals and dedicated to working smart to achieve these goals. I love country music. I love to see clients have breakthroughs and ah – ha moments. I love that you are still reading and searching for more information.  (Wondering what a time strategy visionary is?  Click to watch the video and read the post!)

I’m a “strategize a plan – then implement the plan” type of gal. When you are working to achieve your next goal, but you feel like you can’t add one more thing to your schedule – chat with me! When your business grows, but your organizational systems don’t, and the frustration is overwhelming – chat with me!  When you are ready to answer the tough questions and claim the life you deserve, not just the hectic one you are living – chat with me!

I’ve been where you are – I promise!!!  I spent years working 60+ hours at a full-time job, attending grad school, leading a team of successful women in a direct sales company, getting married and purchasing a home.  You can rest assured that my journey of “getting somewhere fast” and then “getting burned out” laid the groundwork for what NOT to do in my current life and business.  Living YOUR life, on YOUR terms IS possible!  I’m proof!

The “official bio” . . .

Lisa Crilley Mallis combines her experience in secondary education, coaching and her love of schedules, systems, and time management to create SystemSavvy Consulting, LLC. She believes the “I’m so busy” feeling doesn’t need to be a way of life.  She is a master at cutting to the heart of overwhelm to help you regain control of your schedule and experience life.   For over 10 years, Lisa has assisted overextended, busy, motivated entrepreneurs, and other business owners in implementing concrete techniques that can be applied immediately to their daily lives. Her enthusiasm for finding solutions is contagious, and her commitment to empowering you to find success is transformational.

Lisa prides herself on finding the specific techniques that work for each individual client. Learn to increase productivity by realigning values with tasks.  Learn to balance family and career through effective scheduling, and learn to design the life of your dreams.  You can live a life where every day is productive, rewarding, and fun.

Recently, Lisa added the distinction of being a Certified Organizer Coach to her resumé.  After completing more than 60 hours of training and more than 100 hours of credentialing activities, she received her certification on May 22, 2014. She is now one of only two coaches who have this certification in Ohio, and one of 23 throughout the United States.

Leadership and Participation:

Education and Certification:

  • Certified Organizer Coach, Coach Approach for Organizers
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD, JST Coaching
  • Level I Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization, ICD
  • Level I Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity, ICD


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Laurel Staples

” . . . she is deeply passionate about helping people find balance . . .”

Lisa Mallis’s approach to time “management” is like a breath of fresh air to the overworked entrepreneur. When you’re overworked or burnt out, Lisa helps you seamlessly get back on track through aligning your values—not just checking items off your to-do list. She’s wickedly smart, insightful, and deeply passionate about helping people find balance and consistently move forward in life and business.


Julie Ketterer
Shaker Heights, OH

” . . . genuine and compassionate concern . . .”

Ican heartily attest to Lisa’s genuine and compassionate concern for others, as well as her deep-rooted common sense about life. I saw her remain always open and welcoming to others, and at the same time maintain a vital, poised and professional presence that inspired many of her clients to succeed in areas they had previously failed. Lisa keeps others’ confidences and earned the trust of all those with whom she came in contact. Lisa is a valuable resource, both personally and professionally.”

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