Coaching with Lisa

What Positive Change Do You Want To Focus On Today?

Lisa Crilley MallisAre you tired of being overwhelmed by the constant barrage of “stuff” you need to do each day?  Are you exhausted just thinking about your 4-page to-do list?  Are you struggling to stay focused on your tasks and your goals today, because you woke up at 2 am thinking of all the “things” that are falling through the cracks?

You can change this reality.  You can clarify your vision, create an action plan for success, implement, and refine. With one-on-one coaching, you will create awareness around your goals and what you are willing to do to achieve those goals. Plus, you will fine tune your systems, develop a unique time management strategy, and create your most efficient path to success.

Yes – you read that correctly!  A unique time management strategy!  You may have tried programs and coaching like this before – however, if you weren’t clear on your goals and didn’t create a strategy based on your strengths, how could you expect to be successful?

It is time to break through the barriers and find solutions to move you forward living a life where every day is rewarding, productive and fun!

Ready to move forward?  Let’s Chat!


Carol Peter “I started my business after a long corporate career managing teams of people.  Suddenly, I was a one-woman-show and everything was on my plate and the growth was overwhelming. I was struggling to find the time for the work that was truly important to the future of my business. Lisa was my lifeline. She helped me think differently about how to balance both the time I have available in my week and the work that must get done.  As a result, I have finally been able to accomplish some critical deliverables that will keep my business moving forward and thriving and I have a system for maintaining that discipline going forward.”

Carol Peter, CPDT-KA, Cold Nose Companions, LLC Dog Training


Are you looking for help getting out of the overwhelmed feeling?

“I was so overwhelmed – by everything! Then I met Lisa at a presentation. Her friendly and easy to talk with personality led me to invest in a customized program. She was very open and honest with her advice while still being respectful of my values and needs. Together we created an action plan for various challenges I was facing in my home and life. What was most helpful was her ability to help me put the size of my obstacles into perspective – I was able to make small, manageable, specific changes for large payouts. If you are looking for help getting out of the overwhelmed feeling, I would easily recommend Lisa.” Kara Klein, Akron, OH

Svicki-roundpend more time with family and less working your business!

“I was so overwhelmed! I was facing challenges in so many areas of my business and home life – inconsistent time management strategies, overdue items, a lack of proper planning, and an office that I struggled to work in due to a lot of papers and unfinished projects. Lisa listened to my concerns and worked with me to create systems that work!”   Vicki Lock Hiney, Macaroni Kid



What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership.  My role as your coach is to support and empower you as you strive to create new habits and make changes.  As your coach, I won’t “tell you what to do”.  Because “doing things” isn’t the answer!  You are reading this page because you’re tired of “just doing things”.  You want results!  (Take a peek at some of your coaching options.)

As a Certified Organizer Coach, I specialize in designing time management systems in tandem with my clients. I help you explore your values, goals, and dreams and determine the best way to move forward to create a life that fits.  “One-size-fits-all” really fits no one.  In a coaching relationship, we explore the solutions that fit you!  You have the answer inside of you – you may just need a little help realizing what that answer is!  Once you know that . . . well . . . your possibilities are endless!

Coaching is for you if . . .

  • You feel like you are capable of achieving more in your life, you just aren’t sure what or how.  (Spinning your wheels sure is frustrating!)
  • You tried to make a change before, but you struggled to implement the action steps fully.  (The first couple of weeks were great, but then life got in the way . . .)
  • You  want to identify your driving values, goals, and priorities.  What is important to you – and why does it matter?  (If you don’t know this . . . what’s the point anyway?!)
  • You are energized to learn to use your strengths, values, and personality to create solutions that fit YOU.  Because, really, how cuold anything else work?
  • You want to have a Week You Can Be Proud Of.  It is possible to spend quality time with your family, enjoy activities that fulfill you, and run a successful business.  Learn to create a schedule that SCREAMS “balance”!
A Foundation is Built
Deby LexowAs a new business owner and the only employee of LOCLE Box, I found myself amid multiple tasks that needed my attention every single day. In the chaos of me believing that everything was a priority, I was easily overwhelmed. With encouraging words and support, Lisa took me through the steps to discover how to prioritize and make the best use of my time and energy. She took very deliberate and obvious steps to help me learn how to work through the weeds myself. She taught me how to be aware of how I was spending my time and how to be more efficient and effective every day. Lisa gave me a foundation early in my business that has helped prepare me for a successful business venture. Thank you, Lisa!

Deby Lexow, Owner LOCLE Box

What you can expect from me . . . .

  • Someone who can draw from experience in the fields of time management, education, and coaching.  You are able to feel confident that you are learning the most up-to-date practices, and in an environment where you feel safe to share your success and challenges.
  • Someone to offer a new perspective on challenges and opportunities.  You’ve been stuck before – sometimes you are just too close to the problem.  A coach can offer a new idea or phrase your challenge in a new way – to allow you to have a break through. 
  • Someone who is dedicated to your success – our time together is as high a priority to me as to you.
  • Someone who will hold you accountable to act from your highest self, even when you may not feel that way.  Having someone kind AND firm in your corner is invaluable.  Together we’ll develop new habits that achieve results.
  • Someone who will be kind, patient, and non-judgmental with your progress so that you know you have a safe place to express where you are.

Important . . . working with me is NOT for everyone.

It’s important to realize that when we work together – we will work! In order to achieve results, you must be ready to create new habits. It won’t be easy. It will often be frustrating. But the rewards will be phenomenal.  If you are not sure if you are ready to work to move to the next level in your business or life – then personal one-on-one coaching probably isn’t the correct fit for you right now. You may want to start with one of the Virtual Programs or Home Study Courses until you are fully committed to making a change.

My passion is working with you to create the actions and strategies that make you a success and get you results. We won’t be a good fit if you are not willing to grow, change or take action.

Ready to take action?  Let’s Chat!

To see if we are a good fit – schedule a “Discovery Strategy Session.”  This is a complementary session where we discuss your goals and dreams and decide if we both want to work together.


“How Long Will the Discovery Session Last?”

The complimentary, no-obligation session usually last between 30 – 60 minutes depending on the speed in which we cover the questions on the Strategy Session Intake Form.

“What is a Time Strategy Visionary?”

Great question – and not one that has a “quick, simple answer”.  I created a blog post about that (including video).  I encourage you to click and learn!

“What qualifies you to call yourself a coach”?

You are smart to ask that question.  I am a Certified Organizer Coach from the Institute of Applied Coaching and a graduate of the Coach Approach for Organizers program and have completed approximately 100 hours of coach-specific training in the areas of ADHD, Life Coaching, and Time Management Strategies.  In addition, I hold an ACC certification from International Coach Federation.

“Where Do We Start?”

Once you schedule an appointment, a Strategy Session Intake Form will be emailed to you. This form must be completed at least 24 hours before our Discovery Strategy Session.

“What is My Investment When I Work with You?”

I customize my programs to fit my clients’ needs, so to figure out your investment we will need to have a conversation (another reason to schedule a Discovery Strategy Session . Plus, we both need to decide that working together is a good idea. If we ARE an excellent fit, we will figure out your investment level. I offer different levels of service, as well as payment plans.