Are You Ready to Join the A.W.E. Challenge?

Are you interested in applying laser focus towards your goals?  Would you like to be involved in the next A.W.E. Challenge? 

Are you ready to apply laser focus to achieving your goals? 

Have you recently said, “I have so much on my plate right now, I’ll start working towards {insert your goal here} in a few weeks?”

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and out-of-balance as you strive to reach the next level in your business?

Are you confident you are on the right path . . . but . . . sometimes you just need help STAYING on the path?

The 30-Day A.W.E. Accountability Challenge is for you!  Included with this challenge is the 30 Days to Success: An A.W.E. Inspired Journal.

Change is tough!  Consistent action is key.

The A.W.E. Inspired Challenge will help you create this consistency.  Included with this challenge are 30 action packed videos.

This Challenge will help keep you on track!   Start applying laser focus towards your goals now – why would you put off your happiness?

With your investment of only $29 you will receive

  • Extra motivation to help you stay on track with 30 action packed videos
  • Structure you need to create the life of your dreams with 30 detailed action plans
  • The opportunity to recognized and celebrate your success with your very own 30 Days to Success:  An AWE Inspired Journal
  • A sounding board to help you push through obstacles with membership into the exclusive online support community
  • Guidance from Lisa Crilley Mallis, your time strategy visionary, on how to live a life of A.W.E.


Did I mention that a private 30 minute strategy session is my gift to you when you invest in your growth?  Join the AWE Challenge now!  


Here’s what previous AWE Challengers had to say:

  • Thank you so much for putting this challenge together.  At the start, I thought I would working towards reaching a goal, I didn’t realize there were going to be life changing moments along the way, and that is a beautiful surprise. – Alli, The Scattered Squirrel  
  • Lisa I just want to say that there is a lovely energy around this challenge. Day 3 and I am so inspired that I have spent today preparing and rearranging ready for my focus. Thank you! – Kama  
  • I feel like I’ve conquered the world. Yippee!! – Linn 
  • With the AWE Challenge I received a 30 Day Success Journal to help keep me on track. I love that I can reference back to the journal when I need to and have the ability to stay on track with my notes all in one place.” Rachel

  • This is my 1st challenge with the AWE Journal – LOVE IT! Keeps me focused and everything is in one place. -Traci