Have you ever been in a position where you are working sooooooooo hard, yet feeling like you aren’t making any progress?  Often, a little tweak is all it takes.

  • Maybe you change your perspective by sitting at the kitchen table instead of your desk.
  • Maybe you bounce some ideas off a trusted friend or advisor.
  • Maybe someone explains a concept in “just the right way” at your mastermind group – and you are back on track.
  • Maybe you block out 15 minutes at the end of the day to unwind.
  • Maybe you identify your #1 priority, write it on a Post-It note, and keep it with you all day.

All of a sudden – what was a struggle, is now working smoothly.  Frustration to accomplishment, with one new adjustment, one new resource, one new change in perspective.

Your kids can feel the same frustration – and – the same sense of accomplishment by making similar changes.  Many times high school and college students are working so hard to excel in the classroom . . . yet find they are spinning their wheels.

  • Maybe they just need a little tweak, a change in perspective.
  • Maybe using study techniques that are more kinesthetic in nature would be beneficial.
  • Maybe organizing their book bag in a different manner would help.
  • Maybe creating a plan to eliminate procrastination and distractions is the key.
  • Maybe seeing a strategy written in a different way is the missing piece to success.

I’ve created a resource specifically for high school and college students who hit a plateau in school.  If they are working hard, but just not seeing the results they are hoping for.   It doesn’t need to be a continuous struggle.   My favorite saying is “If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

  If your son or daughter is trying hard each day, but finding they aren’t excelling, it’s time for a change.

(If  you are curious as to WHY as a time strategy visionary working mostly with adults I created Time Management Techniques for High School and College Students Home Study Course.  I encourage you to read my previous post . . . it’s always an added bonus to understand the motivation behind an author’s creation!)


If you find that you are the parent of high school or college student that is really working hard to excel –but seems to be just falling a little short – use Time Management Techniques for High School and College Students Home Study Course as your new tweak!

I invite you to contact me with questions.

Comments?  What small change have you made in the past that has given huge results?