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Conquering “I Forgot” – Part 3

Did you realize that being stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed can decrease the effectiveness of your working memory? The busier you are, the greater the chance to forget something. Knowledge is power – recognizing the tendency to forget is the first step in remembering.

This is the fourth post in the “I Forgot” series. Regardless of the reason “you forget” – having some tried and true […]

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Conquering “I Forgot” – Part 2

Welcome to the third post in the “I Forgot” series. I’m thrilled you joined me as I continue to examine strategies to support a weak working memory. No matter what the reason “you forget” – having some go-to strategies is an important step towards living a productive and stress-free life.

If you happened to miss the first two posts – feel free to click on […]

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Introducing Andrea Sharb and the Catalyst for Change

Feel like your brain is spinning in 20 directions today?

Are you easily distracted? (You know – chasing the next shiny object – all the time!)

Do you think, if I could just focus, I could take over the word (or at least my piece of it!)  

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed – so much to do, so little time?

Yep – that’s me! So much […]

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Conquering “I Forgot” – Part 1

Having a weak working memory can be frustrating.

You KNOW not to lock your keys in the car, yet you sit them on the seat so you can grab your water bottle, purse, and files – and the next thing you know – you’ve locked your keys in the car.
Or – you run into the corner market for some milk and . . . […]

Oops, I forgot!

“It’s not about knowing what to do, but about doing what we know.” – Ari Tuckman
Feeling forgetful? Did you know that some people with ADHD can exhibit a weak working memory? But, “struggling to remember” is certainly not isolated to a portion of the ADHD population. This is also a common struggle for young children, older adults, people who are sleep deprived, women who […]

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Self Talk – A Perspective on Laundry

Do you have ADHD?  (Or just think you do?!)  I know that I share many characteristics of with my clients that have been diagnosed with ADHD – easily distracted, the desire to start many project at once, and a pretty critical view of myself (just to name a few!).  One of the strategies I teach clients is to reach out for resources and support.  Identify […]