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It’s Christmas – in July!

Happy Holidays!   I know it’s not Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan or  . . . but we can celebrate Christmas in July, can’t we?

In late November and early December, I am asked questions about how to handle the increased busy-ness at the upcoming holiday season in addition to already high stress levels.  AND usually by early December . . . the “damage has […]

The Truth Is In the White Space

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing my journey as a student in the Holistic Time Coaching Class.  When I first enrolled in this course, my thought process was that I would be able to fine tune my personal time management strategies and learn some new methods I could use when working with clients.

AND – this is certainly true.  (Read more about some […]

How Many Hours in a Day?

Have you ever looked at your schedule and realized that it was pretty packed?  A client recently told me, “I scheduled 7.5  hours of tasks into a 7  hour day – and didn’t schedule any time for lunch, email maintenance, or productivity (or potty!) breaks.  Then, I got upset because I didn’t finish everything. That’s crazy, right?!”  Is this familiar?

Enter Julie Gray’s Time Truth: […]

Shift Can Happen

Previous Belief:  If the task, appointment, priority is important, it must be scheduled at the same time every day.

Current Belief:  If the task, appointment, priority is important, it must be scheduled.

Confession time – I love my flexible schedule.  I do!  Having a schedule that differs day to day is one of the things I like about owning my own business.  I also love structure […]

Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal

Goal Setting.  Do you set goals?  If you do, are they long term?  Short term?  A combination?

At the beginning of each year I set goals.  Sometimes, I also revisit these goals around my birthday in June.

But, on a day-to-day strategic level, I don’t necessarily put much focus on my “big goals”.  AND . . . until taking the Holistic Time Coaching class taught by […]

Holiday Fun With Calendars

Ready to start pulling all your “I can have a stress-free and productive end of the year” steps together?  Are you starting to wonder what to do with the multiple lists you’ve created in previous weeks and  how you are going to keep track of it all?  Today, we start to pull it all together!
If you’ve just found the Stress Free Holiday Series – […]

What’s On Your Holiday Plate?

We are continuing our journey to a Stress Free Holiday Season.  You deserve to enjoy each and every day of your life – especially the days at the end of the year that tend to be super hectic.  We tend to try to finish up some professional year-end goals and at the same time really crave some quality time with family and friends.
It is […]

Start Today to Streamline Your Schedule

As promised, I’m continuing my focus this month on offering solutions to some of my clients most common time management challenges. Hopefully by using this approach – you will be able to identify with the challenge and implement a solution that works for you!

In the last post of this series, I addressed “This may sound ridiculous, but I’m so busy, I don’t even have time to […]

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My #1 Tip for How to Overcome “I just don’t have time to learn”

Real people.  Real time management challenges.  Real strategies.  Easy to implement solutions.  Getting into the nitty gritty every day details of time management is my focus for the month.  I’m excited about this focus – as I’m a huge believer in taking action – and I envision a lot of opportunities for action takers this month!!!!!
Real Scenario #1:  “This may sound ridiculous, but I’m […]

At Last – Structured Flexibility

Hmmm . . . another real life time management dilemma from one of my clients.  “I find I’m really productive when I’m at work, but before I leave and once I get home in the late afternoon, I’m kind of all over the place.  I feel like I’m wasting 3 – 4 hours each day.”

Does this sound familiar?

Normally, my first suggestion is to schedule […]

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