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The Best Time to Create a Checklist Is …

Have I mentioned recently that I love checklists?  Well, I do!!!  (For many of the reasons why, please check out these other posts on the value of creating a utilizing a checklist.)

First, for what activities should you create a checklist?  Just about anything that recurs and has multiple steps. For example …

Create a dinner party
Plan a work event
Prepare for vacation
Sign on a new client
Back-to-school […]

What Good is a Checklist if You Don’t Use It?

From a time management stand point I love checklists.  When you use a checklist you’ve created a process, stepping stones that allow you to logically move from step A to step B.  In addition, you help reduce the potential of overwhelm as you no longer need to try to remember everything involved in your project.

If you are […]

A Place for Everything

Good news! As you read the posts from each week, you have been diligently working to reduce your stress as the year draws to a close.  You realize that the hustle and bustle of the holidays, added to the actions you are taking to complete your year end goals, added to  your every day busy-ness …. isn’t relaxing!  You concentrated on making THIS year […]

Gift Giving Can Be Fun!

Congrats on continuing your journey towards creating a stress free and productive  year end!
One of the areas that can create stress is gift giving.  Intellectually we realize, “It’s the thought that counts” yet often the reality looks a little like this . . .

Frantically wrapping gifts the night before you are to give them.
Exhausted the next morning because you were up all night putting […]

Holiday Fun With Calendars

Ready to start pulling all your “I can have a stress-free and productive end of the year” steps together?  Are you starting to wonder what to do with the multiple lists you’ve created in previous weeks and  how you are going to keep track of it all?  Today, we start to pull it all together!
If you’ve just found the Stress Free Holiday Series – […]

The Solution for “I Don’t Know Where to Start”

I am super excited to attack today’s time management challenge head on!  The idea of being overwhelmed when starting a new project is common – and one I hear often during workshops.

But, before jumping into Real Life Scenario #6 –  “I have a great idea, but I don’t know where to start, and the project is floundering. I will probably give it up and just keep […]

Avoid Overwhelm by Using a Checklist

I love checklists!  I sincerely believe that if you do an activity more than once, or if the activity has multiple steps, you should use a checklist. A good checklist will take the pressure off our brains to “remember” – helping to avoid the “overwhelm” feeling.  For additional strategies to overcome overwhelm, please visit these previous posts.

Also, having a step-by-step process to follow eliminates the […]

Stress Free Holiday Step #8 – Gift Giving

Do you wrap gifts Christmas Eve?

Do you find you are exhausted Christmas morning because you were up all night putting together toys?

When you pull the gifts out of the hiding places, do you realize that you bought “too much” for one person and “not enough” for another?

Did you start your gift buying in July and then forgot about everything you had purchased?

Have you been […]

Stress Free Holiday – Step 4 Break It Down

We are continuing our journey to a Stress Free Holiday Season.

If you’ve missed previous posts –

Week #1 – Mentally create the holiday of your dreams.

Week #2 – List all the activities you currently participate in during the holidays.

Week #3 – Categorize these activities – how much do you enjoy doing them?

One of the causes of stress around the holidays is that we […]

Stress Free Holidays – Step 3 Decide

We are continuing our journey to a Stress Free Holiday Season.

So far you have created a vision of what you would like your holiday to look like and you have listed all the activities you are currently doing.  Today I want you to decide how much you actually enjoy doing these activities.  We are going to make the connection between what you WANT to […]