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Schedule Time for Interruptions

Even the most productive of us can get stuck in a rut.
I recently received this email from a former client Jim, who struggled with constant interruptions (don’t we all, at some point?). Jim’s sales team is one of the top performing teams in  his company.  He’s a great sales trainer, and one of the things that makes him so great is his ability to […]

Disappearing Habits and AWE

I’m a big believer that time management is really choice management . . . and not always the BIG, HUGE, IN YOUR FACE, choices . . . but the daily little choices that become habits.

Habits – according to the Bing Dictionary, “regularly repeated behavior pattern: an action or pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although he […]

But I Just CAN’T Turn Off the Phone – What if it is an Emergency?

Distractions and interruptions can certainly derail the most carefully planned day.  Having a clear (and workable) plan to overcome these distractions can help make anyone’s day more productive.

But sometimes, the obvious solutions just aren’t “doable” for YOU.  Sometimes you need to adapt to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Yesterday I explained how a Parking Lot can help to reduce internal distractions.  Yet, the very thoughts […]

How College Students Can Organize Their Distractions

It’s back to school time – the stores are filled with the latest and best products to organize a dorm room.  Having a clutter free room is certainly a great goal.  (I’m a HUGE believer in the idea that our productivity increases when our brain is fresh – and a cluttered room does not lead to a fresh brain!)

However, after the dorm room is […]

How to Overcome Mental Distractions

Real Life Scenario #10 –  “My obstacles are mental distractions. I think of something other than the original task, and lose focus quickly.”

If you’ve been following my posts this month – you know that I’m tackling real life time management scenarios all month long.  If you have missed a previous post – be sure to check out any that apply to YOUR life.

“This may sound ridiculous, […]

I Can’t Put PEOPLE in the Parking Lot! Now What?

One of my favorite distraction busting techniques is to “park” ideas as they pop into your head.  Then, once you finish the task at hand, go back to the ideas in your parking lot and decide what to do with them.  From a time management and choice management stand point, this is a much for effective use of your time than switching tasks each […]