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It’s Christmas – in July!

Happy Holidays!   I know it’s not Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan or  . . . but we can celebrate Christmas in July, can’t we?

In late November and early December, I am asked questions about how to handle the increased busy-ness at the upcoming holiday season in addition to already high stress levels.  AND usually by early December . . . the “damage has […]

You Did It!

Congratulations on surviving the holiday season and end of the year “busy-ness”.  If you had the opportunity to read any of the previous 9 “have a stress free end of the year” posts, hopefully you were able to do more than just “survive” – and instead THRIVED!!!

You may be wondering why I created a post about creating a stress-free end of the year a […]

A Place for Everything

Good news! As you read the posts from each week, you have been diligently working to reduce your stress as the year draws to a close.  You realize that the hustle and bustle of the holidays, added to the actions you are taking to complete your year end goals, added to  your every day busy-ness …. isn’t relaxing!  You concentrated on making THIS year […]

Gift Giving Can Be Fun!

Congrats on continuing your journey towards creating a stress free and productive  year end!
One of the areas that can create stress is gift giving.  Intellectually we realize, “It’s the thought that counts” yet often the reality looks a little like this . . .

Frantically wrapping gifts the night before you are to give them.
Exhausted the next morning because you were up all night putting […]

It’s YOUR Turn!

How do you fill up your cup?  What activities GIVE you energy?  How can you recharge your batteries?
Stop – and really think about this!

Write a list!

What do you love doing?
How do you relax?

(Do you need a little help getting started?  Here’s some ideas: baking, sleeping, reading, meditating, exercising, yoga, being in nature, watching a romantic comedy, laughing with friends . . .)

Now, think about […]

Holiday Fun With Calendars

Ready to start pulling all your “I can have a stress-free and productive end of the year” steps together?  Are you starting to wonder what to do with the multiple lists you’ve created in previous weeks and  how you are going to keep track of it all?  Today, we start to pull it all together!
If you’ve just found the Stress Free Holiday Series – […]

You Are Not An Island – Delegate!

Are you ready to have a fun, productive and easy end of the year?
Imagine this: enjoying your family and friends, free of stress and worry, knowing that you have an easy plan in place. Doing your work without the distraction of “how will I ever get this all done?”

By starting early, having a plan, and following a plan, you will set yourself up […]

What’s On Your Holiday Plate?

We are continuing our journey to a Stress Free Holiday Season.  You deserve to enjoy each and every day of your life – especially the days at the end of the year that tend to be super hectic.  We tend to try to finish up some professional year-end goals and at the same time really crave some quality time with family and friends.
It is […]

Have a Stress Free and Productive End of the Year

Are you ready to have a stress free and productive end of the year?  Can you imagine a holiday season in which you are prepared, relaxed, and joyful – instead of rushing around, stressed, and cranky?
Over the next few weeks, you’ll continue to learn some strategies to help you have a productive and stress free end of the year. (You are reading the 3rd […]

Create a Stress-Free and Productive Year End By Envisioning Success

If I told you that you could have a stress-free and productive end of the year – what would that mean to you?

What does a stress-free and productive end of the year entail?

What activities would you do?
What projects would you complete?
How would you feel?

Over the next few weeks I will share some strategies […]