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How to Set – and Honor – Your Boundaries

“Every little NO protects your big YES.” – some amazingly smart woman.  (I wish I could remember who I first heard say this so I could credit her!).  

“I’m so busy doing things for other people, I don’t accomplish MY goals.” – a client “Syndi”.

“I don’t know how to say no, without offending the other person.” – overheard in line at the grocery store.
How […]

It’s All In a Day’s Work

As you know, the SystemSavvy Consulting blog is all about success in all its forms.  My posts and my programs are geared toward the entrepreneur who wants to reach career and personal goals by using the ideal systems, attitudes, and time strategies for their own life.

Well, I just ran across a fabulous info-graphic (right) from SalesForce Canada that echoes everything I teach!  It’s about […]

Schedule Time for Interruptions

Even the most productive of us can get stuck in a rut.
I recently received this email from a former client Jim, who struggled with constant interruptions (don’t we all, at some point?). Jim’s sales team is one of the top performing teams in  his company.  He’s a great sales trainer, and one of the things that makes him so great is his ability to […]

Time Management Tool – Cool Timer



Ahh . . . no matter how great you are at practicing time management strategies, sometimes even the most strategic individual falls into the deep, dark hole of procrastination.

Or, possibly you are overcome with the distraction of flying “shiny objects”!

Maybe you “lose” an hour on the computer updating your Facebook page.

Or, possibly you decide to check email for “just a moment” and 30 minutes later you are still responding to messages.

Or, you jump on the […]

Should You Celebrate “All or Nothing Day”?

Yes – there really is an “All or Nothing Day”!  Is approaching your life in an all or nothing way productive?  My thought is “no”.   I often try to see both sides of an issue – however, I’m struggling to see the “YES” part of this question.  (So if you are a proponent of All or Nothing Thinking – I urge you to post […]

Are You Frustrated by Distractions? Try This!

What do “The Four Stages of Competence” and “Eliminating Distractions” have in common?
How many times have you looked at the clock only to realize it’s noon and you haven’t accomplished one item on your task list?

On your way into your office you set the goal to work on X, however, here it is 3 hours later, and you still haven’t accomplished your “#1 most […]

Revealed: What Gas Leaks and Time Management Have In Common

Here’s a picture of the gas company digging up my yard looking for the second leak.  (They found the first one right away!)  I won’t bore you with the details (really, who wants to hear about someone else’s crappy home ownership challenges?!)  I’ll just give you the facts . . .

Everyone is fine
The leaks were both found
The process took 2 days

So, what does this have […]

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10 Tips to Increase Your Productivity So You Can Increase Your Income

If you’ve been reading the last few posts, you know I’ve been writing about how you can  spend your time on IPA’s.  To increase our earning potential, we need to increase the time we spend on Income Producing Activities.

Incase you haven’t been following here are links to the previous posts . . .

Direct Sellers – Are You Majoring in the Minors offered a quick look at […]