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Everyone Wants a Piece of Me!

Amanda Griffith has graciously offered to share her experience with a real world time management challenge.  I’ve written briefly about Amanda’s challenge in a post exploring setting and maintaining boundaries (read it here). Amanda is a consumate professional.  She continues to push herself to acheive more in both her personal life and her professional life.  I consider Amanda to be one of my favorite […]

Learn Your Time and Space Style Preferences

You are unique – your time management system should be also!  But . . . how do you know WHAT STRATEGIES will work for you?

You need to understand your preferences!
So, what are those preferences?
Cena Block, a productivity expert and business coach, has developed a tool to guide you in determining how you like to manage your time and space. The Time & Space Style […]

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Where Do You Draw the Line?

Here’s a guest post from my VA, Holly Matson of Lightseeds. This is such an important point for those of us who work from home!

If you work from home as I do, how do you keep your life separate from your work?

Many of the readers of this blog are in service industries, working to support others in their work, self-esteem, or health, for example. […]

Be a Successful, Savvy Entrepreneur

Christina Nitschmann is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and internet radio show host of Savvy Central Radio.  Savvy Central runs weekly broadcasts providing entrepreneurs and successful individuals a platform to express their dreams, hopes, lessons-learned, and expertise with the world. This popular show has been a go-to resource for service-based entrepreneurs to reach out to potential clients by sharing their story. It’s all […]

How You Can Succeed at the Balancing Act

When Amy Walker of Walk Your Talk Radio invited me to talk with her, the topic seemed to set itself. We all deal with “the balancing act” – managing family and work obligations. And Amy is a master at helping women to find balance in a busy, chaotic world.

It’s so important to add yourself into the balancing mix. How do you remember to get […]

What’s the “WHY” Behind That Task?

Delegation.  I know – this is one topic I cover OFTEN on my blog.  Why?  Because I sincerely believe this is one of the areas in which you can “gain” a large chunk of time. (Read more on delegation here.)

Yet clients often resist delegating.

Sometimes the reason is “I just don’t have anyone to delegate to”.  (See this post for resources)

Sometimes the reason is “I […]

Why You Want to Celebrate Rubber Eraser Day

Today is Rubber Eraser day.  Yes – really – it really is.  I’m not making it up!  What I found thought provoking is Rubber Eraser Day comes the day after Reach as High as You Can Day.

Think about it – when you STRETCH yourself to reach as high as you can, when you push yourself out of your comfort zone, when you implement new […]

How to Survive a Snow Day When You Work From Home

Life isn’t black and white.  We have the opportunity to renegotiate each moment, each interaction, each goal.  I was reminded of this opportunity last week when we experienced a “snow day”.

As a child, I loved snow days.  I could sleep in, read all day, and just relax.  As a teacher I REALLY loved snow days – what a great opportunity to catch up on […]

Are You In Europe?

No, that’s not a trick question! Ever notice how you work differently when you are on vacation?  IF (and this is a big IF) you are doing any work at all, you tend to make sure you are only doing the most essential tasks.  The other tasks you leave until you return, or you delegate to someone else.
What would happen if you worked like […]

The Truth Is In the White Space

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing my journey as a student in the Holistic Time Coaching Class.  When I first enrolled in this course, my thought process was that I would be able to fine tune my personal time management strategies and learn some new methods I could use when working with clients.

AND – this is certainly true.  (Read more about some […]