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What To Do When Your Distraction Solution Distracts You

What do you do when the solution to a problem, creates an even bigger problem?  Recently a client and I were discussing distractions.  From a time management standpoint, he felt he “could” accomplish so much more if he could just eliminate (or at least reduce) the distractions in his day.

He was able to identify two different types of distractions mental and physical.

Mental – the […]

How College Students Can Organize Their Distractions

It’s back to school time – the stores are filled with the latest and best products to organize a dorm room.  Having a clutter free room is certainly a great goal.  (I’m a HUGE believer in the idea that our productivity increases when our brain is fresh – and a cluttered room does not lead to a fresh brain!)

However, after the dorm room is […]

I Can’t Put PEOPLE in the Parking Lot! Now What?

One of my favorite distraction busting techniques is to “park” ideas as they pop into your head.  Then, once you finish the task at hand, go back to the ideas in your parking lot and decide what to do with them.  From a time management and choice management stand point, this is a much for effective use of your time than switching tasks each […]

Overwhelmed? Losing Momentum? Try A.W.E.

Does this resonate with you?

“I set appointments with myself to work on my goals each day, but something more important and urgent always pops up. I find I’m no further to accomplishing my “big idea” today than I was a month ago.”
Keri just wrote to say, “I love the parking lot technique because I seriously feel like I have 3923493 tabs open in my […]

My #1 Distraction Buster

Have you figured out a way to eliminate other people as distractions,  only to be derailed by the distractions in your own head?  Here’s the advice I gave my newest client.

Dear SystemSavvy,

I find that when I’m working on a project – I’m easily distracted.  But not by other people, by other ideas in my own head!!  Do you have any suggestions? 



Ms. […]