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Everyone Wants a Piece of Me!

Amanda Griffith has graciously offered to share her experience with a real world time management challenge.  I’ve written briefly about Amanda’s challenge in a post exploring setting and maintaining boundaries (read it here). Amanda is a consumate professional.  She continues to push herself to acheive more in both her personal life and her professional life.  I consider Amanda to be one of my favorite […]

Do You Need Juggling Lessons?

Take a look at a social media post by any entrepreneur and you’ll find frequent references to stress, exhaustion, confusion. The cause? Juggling!! No, not balls or bowling pins – but tasks and time and family and business and needs and… and…

As a Time Strategy Visionary, I’ve been privileged to work with many jugglers, some more successful than others.  Take Amanda for example. A […]

What is Your “Zero Point”?

One of the things I really enjoy about my work is meeting others who are reaching out to help entrepreneurs. I recently spoke with Chris Sprague of Expert’s Showcase (@chris_m_sprague) to talk about one of my favorite topics: how to accomplish your #1 most important task, every day.

Chris is an interesting personality – as an author, speaker, and host of the show, he inspires, […]

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Is it Time for a Break?

Recently I was speaking to a friend and she stated, “I’m taking a sabbatical from my business to figure out what I really want to do.”   I remember thinking, “WOW – I thought you LOVED your business.”  Which was quickly followed by, “Goodness, doesn’t a break sound nice.”

Of course, I didn’t actually say either of these thoughts out loud – instead what I […]

How to Set – and Honor – Your Boundaries

“Every little NO protects your big YES.” – some amazingly smart woman.  (I wish I could remember who I first heard say this so I could credit her!).  

“I’m so busy doing things for other people, I don’t accomplish MY goals.” – a client “Syndi”.

“I don’t know how to say no, without offending the other person.” – overheard in line at the grocery store.
How […]

Are You In Europe?

No, that’s not a trick question! Ever notice how you work differently when you are on vacation?  IF (and this is a big IF) you are doing any work at all, you tend to make sure you are only doing the most essential tasks.  The other tasks you leave until you return, or you delegate to someone else.
What would happen if you worked like […]

Shift Can Happen

Previous Belief:  If the task, appointment, priority is important, it must be scheduled at the same time every day.

Current Belief:  If the task, appointment, priority is important, it must be scheduled.

Confession time – I love my flexible schedule.  I do!  Having a schedule that differs day to day is one of the things I like about owning my own business.  I also love structure […]

How Do You Plan to Outsource?

Delegate.  Delegate.  Delegate.  Delegate.  Intellectually we know that when we delegate a task – we free up time to work on our priorities.  However, deciding which tasks to delegate can be a challenge.

I thought I had a good handle on this.  Really!  I teach clients how to delegate tasks all day long.  Of course, I delegated effectively myself.  Right?  WRONG!

As I put myself back […]

Is Your Own Cup Full?

A time strategy visionary takes a time management course and realizes she doesn’t have enough time. This isn’t a brain teaser or a joke.  This statement is actually based on my experience of enrolling in and completing the Holistic Time Coaching course through Coach Approach for Organizers.

Each week I will share my experience and ah-ha moments  as I put myself back in the role […]

Have a Stress Free and Productive End of the Year

Are you ready to have a stress free and productive end of the year?  Can you imagine a holiday season in which you are prepared, relaxed, and joyful – instead of rushing around, stressed, and cranky?
Over the next few weeks, you’ll continue to learn some strategies to help you have a productive and stress free end of the year. (You are reading the 3rd […]