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How to Benefit From a Productivity Buddy

I organized the Tupperware this morning.
It started with throwing together a couple of ingredients so I could marinate chicken for tonight. But before I could do that, I needed to empty the dishwasher. Then I noticed the Tupperware shelf was messed up, so I fixed that. Then I went looking for a Ziploc bag, and wouldn’t you know it, that cupboard could use some […]

Stop Procrastination – with AWE!

Confess it – you probably procrastinate every day. Look at what you have written down in your note pad, journal, to-do list, or calendar. How many of those tasks have you started? And how many have you completed?

The reasons we procrastinate are numerous.  Maybe fear of success.  Possibly fear of failure.  Could be the task doesn’t align with your values and goals.  Often, we […]

Schedule Your Procrastination

“Productive Procrastination” – a very real . . . and very sneaky . . . phenomena where you stay busy all day yet accomplish very little.  Previously, I wrote a post entitled “Don’t Confuse Progress With Motion”  where I shared 5 tips on how to overcome Productive Procrastination.  Periodically I’m updating some of these solutions; last time we talked about identifying your #1 task […]

How to Overcome “Stuck”

Procrastination is a topic that clients often ask to discuss during our coaching calls.  Sometimes they lament, “I know I’m a procrastinator, it’s just who I am, I wish I could change.”  Others will comment, “I want to stop procrastinating, I know it’s ‘bad’ for me, but I just do my best work when I’m under pressure.” Sometimes clients will say, “I’m so excited […]

Don’t Confuse Busy with Effective!

About 2 years ago I wrote a post about confusing motion with progress …the trap of believing that because we are BUSY we are PRODUCTIVE.  It’s an easy trap to fall into!  In fact, when I work with clients we often refer to this as “productive procrastination”.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to expand on the solutions I provided.  I think you’ll find […]

Gift Giving Can Be Fun!

Congrats on continuing your journey towards creating a stress free and productive  year end!
One of the areas that can create stress is gift giving.  Intellectually we realize, “It’s the thought that counts” yet often the reality looks a little like this . . .

Frantically wrapping gifts the night before you are to give them.
Exhausted the next morning because you were up all night putting […]

All or Nothing

Why do we think that we can go from 0% activity to 100% activity overnight? Just because we can create a plan to implement an action, somehow we believe that the result is automatic.

One of my coaching instructors calls this magical thinking.

I like to think of it as, “Because I’ve decreed it, it must be so!”

[Tweet “Move out of the “all or nothing thinking” […]

AWE Inspired – Patience

“Successful people know the difference between patience and procrastination.” – Inspire Us
Welcome to another A.W.E. inspired post!
How often do you cross the line between patience and procrastination?
Try following this 3 step approach to stay focused on the BIG goal!
A – Awareness
What are your current goals?  Where do you want to apply laser focus?  What could patience look like?  What could procrastination look like?   […]

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What Exactly IS Productive Procrastination?

I was super excited and super honored when THE Sales Wizard, Hugh Liddle asked me to guest post on his blog.  You see – he is a fabulous man, with a huge heart, and a ton to give to the sales community.  To be able to share some of my insights on procrastination with his peeps is a pretty big deal for me.

So . […]

A.W.E. Inspired – Choice

“When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.” – William James
Welcome to another A.W.E. inspired post!

Try following this 3 step approach as you create change.
A – Awareness
How can you show up today?  What choices have you postponed making?  What would be different for you in 6 months if you make a choice?
W – Work
What can […]

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