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Don’t Confuse Busy with Effective!

About 2 years ago I wrote a post about confusing motion with progress …the trap of believing that because we are BUSY we are PRODUCTIVE.  It’s an easy trap to fall into!  In fact, when I work with clients we often refer to this as “productive procrastination”.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to expand on the solutions I provided.  I think you’ll find […]

AWE Inspired – Great Places

“Your off to great places.  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting . . . so get on your way.”  Dr. Seuss
Welcome to another A.W.E. inspired post!
Try following this 3 step approach as you create change.
A – Awareness
What are your current opportunities?  What mountains are currently waiting to be scaled?  What could be the next step – something exciting, challenging, and important? […]

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A.W.E. Inspired – Choice

“When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.” – William James
Welcome to another A.W.E. inspired post!

Try following this 3 step approach as you create change.
A – Awareness
How can you show up today?  What choices have you postponed making?  What would be different for you in 6 months if you make a choice?
W – Work
What can […]

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Use the 3 Steps of A.W.E. to Create Lasting Change

Accomplishing your goals is like learning to ride a bike. You move forward creating success, then you fall off, regroup, and jump back on the back. Over and over and over.

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Does this mean you are “bad” at creating goals? Or, you “aren’t good enough” to create and sustain focused action?

No, it means you are human! Making some progress today, then […]

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Direct Sellers – Are You Majoring in the Minors Part 2

Spending more time on IPA’s (Income Producing Activities) is the quickest way to increase your business – but to do this, you must focus on your priorities, not just your tasks.  Previously I wrote that doing unimportant things well, still doesn’t make them important.  (For a refresher, please read yesterday’s post!)

The first step to focusing on your priorities is awareness.  Yesterday, I asked the questions, “What are […]

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One Year Older . . .

Happy Birthday to  . . . me! (Well, a day early!)

Twice a year I take the time to take stock – my birthday and New Year’s Day.  This is when I ponder the “thinking questions”.  What is the state of my business?  The state of my life?  What progress have I made so far on my goals for the year?  What strategies and techniques are working?  Which ones aren’t?  […]