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What is Your “Zero Point”?

One of the things I really enjoy about my work is meeting others who are reaching out to help entrepreneurs. I recently spoke with Chris Sprague of Expert’s Showcase (@chris_m_sprague) to talk about one of my favorite topics: how to accomplish your #1 most important task, every day.

Chris is an interesting personality – as an author, speaker, and host of the show, he inspires, […]

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Schedule Your Procrastination

“Productive Procrastination” – a very real . . . and very sneaky . . . phenomena where you stay busy all day yet accomplish very little.  Previously, I wrote a post entitled “Don’t Confuse Progress With Motion”  where I shared 5 tips on how to overcome Productive Procrastination.  Periodically I’m updating some of these solutions; last time we talked about identifying your #1 task […]

Is it Time for a Break?

Recently I was speaking to a friend and she stated, “I’m taking a sabbatical from my business to figure out what I really want to do.”   I remember thinking, “WOW – I thought you LOVED your business.”  Which was quickly followed by, “Goodness, doesn’t a break sound nice.”

Of course, I didn’t actually say either of these thoughts out loud – instead what I […]

How to Set – and Honor – Your Boundaries

“Every little NO protects your big YES.” – some amazingly smart woman.  (I wish I could remember who I first heard say this so I could credit her!).  

“I’m so busy doing things for other people, I don’t accomplish MY goals.” – a client “Syndi”.

“I don’t know how to say no, without offending the other person.” – overheard in line at the grocery store.
How […]

You Deserve a Break!

Do you take regular breaks during your work day?  I know that I can become so focused that hours can pass by before I notice it.  Yes – that means I’m sitting, at my desk, typing on my computer, without moving, for hours.  Umm . . . not healthy in a physical or a mental sense!

I know this isn’t great for my productivity. Honestly […]

How To Turn 15 Hours of Work into 8

Let me tell you a story.
(And if you can relate to this story please be sure to leave a comment below.)

Once upon a time … in a land far, far away (Florida) there lived a focused and diligent entrepreneur.  He had been working with a brilliant time strategy visionary (hmmm wonder who that could be?! LOL!) and was becoming incredibly efficient and effective with […]

How to Find More Hours in Your Day

I had the pleasure last fall of appearing on David Ralph’s Join Up Dots radio show, and recently got some great feedback from him on progress he’s made toward delegating.  Truly, he took one tiny piece of one tiny conversation and created HUGE results for his life and his business.

I encourage you to listen to the entire clip.  (It’s only 10 minutes!!)

Here are David’s […]

3 Simple Ways to Balance Your Day

Do you sneer at the friend that jumps out of bed at 5:30am ready to start her day? Or does your brain start to slump by 4:00 in the afternoon – and you’re useless by 8:00? Or maybe you just do whatever is needed to get your work done regardless of your own energetic needs?

We usually create a to-do list and focus on completing […]

How to Quickly Create an Island of Hope When You’re Drowning in Overwhelm

It snuck up on you.  All of sudden your perfectly planned week has turned into chaos.  Forget “too many tasks to do, not enough time” you are drowning in tasks, AND appointments, AND meetings, AND obligations, AND . . .

Everyone needs a piece of you!

You haven’t checked your email in days.  The list of calls you need to return is now 2 pages long […]

How to Survive a Snow Day When You Work From Home

Life isn’t black and white.  We have the opportunity to renegotiate each moment, each interaction, each goal.  I was reminded of this opportunity last week when we experienced a “snow day”.

As a child, I loved snow days.  I could sleep in, read all day, and just relax.  As a teacher I REALLY loved snow days – what a great opportunity to catch up on […]