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45 Tasks an Entrepreneur Can Delegate to a VA

I have talked often about the importance of delegation and all the things a Virtual Assistant can do for you.

This time I’ve asked my own assistant Holly Matson, of Lightseeds by Holly, to offer her thoughts on specific tasks that can be effectively delegated to a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants exist in nearly any specialty you can imagine, just as employees do in […]

What Do You Need to Accomplish Your Goals?

Have you recently complained about trying to stay focused on an important personal or professional goal? Has anyone around you recently said, “I have so much on my plate right now, I’ll start working towards {insert your goal here} in a few weeks?”
I hear this over and over from clients, friends and family. And, to be honest, I’ve been guilty of it a time […]

How to Eliminate the “I’m All Alone When Working Towards My Goals”

Today’s time management challenge comes from a close friend of mine.  I love her dearly – and can really feel her pain when we talk about this.  Maybe you can relate also?

Real Life Scenario #5 – “I’m working hard to use my time better and make progress towards my goals, but it’s sort of a lonely process, and I think it would be more inspiring […]

What is Your Key to Success?

Creating change.
How many times do you set a goal?  Decide to change a habit?  Commit to improving your life?
What are your keys to success?
Clearly defined goal?

Creating the smallest possible action step?

Scheduling time to create action?

Working with an accountability partner?

One of my keys to success is to have a strong support network.  Teamwork really makes the dream work!  and I was fortunate enough to be […]

Is Teamwork the Answer to Change?

The Power of Habit.  How do you create change?  How do you accomplish a goal?  You’ve been successful in the past  . . . what did you do?  How do you stay focused on staying focused?

According to Charles Duhigg in the Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, creating change is dependent on recognizing cues, and routines, and […]

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Introducing Andrea Sharb and the Catalyst for Change

Feel like your brain is spinning in 20 directions today?

Are you easily distracted? (You know – chasing the next shiny object – all the time!)

Do you think, if I could just focus, I could take over the word (or at least my piece of it!)  

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed – so much to do, so little time?

Yep – that’s me! So much […]

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Is the 30 Day A.W.E. Inspired Challenge for You?

Do you find it difficult to honor commitments to yourself?  Especially during the holiday season?  Achieving a goal (any goal) just gets pushed off a bit until January . .  .

Recently I found myself thinking, “mmmmm, that chocolate cupcake looks so good – I can always restart my diet on Monday.” 

Which led to “or maybe it would be better to restart my diet […]

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Top Ten Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant

Delegation!  For many of my clients this is a touchy subject.  For some it’s difficult to let go of enough control to allow someone to complete the task.  For others, it’s tough to find someone qualified to complete the task.  Still others are apprehensive to hire someone to complete tasks because they don’t think they have the “extra” money.

[Tweet “Delegation is tough! Try a […]