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It’s Not a Race . . .

One of my favorite quotes is, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but 7 apples on Sunday just gives you a stomach ache.”    I have NO IDEA where I first heard this . . . but my interpretation is consistent action every day is far better than doing nothing all week, and then “catching up” on Sunday.

Usually when we think about […]

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The “Evaluation” Stage of AWE – Lessons Learned from the UBC

Lately, I’ve given a number of presentations and written a number of posts on my 3 steps to creating change. 

Awareness – what do you want to change?
Work – what steps will you take?
Evaluation – what worked, what didn’t, what adjustments will you make going forward?

To illustrate this concept – I’m going to break down my experience with the Ultimate Blog Challenge this […]

Ultimate Blog Challenge – Why I’m Participating Again

The Ultimate Blog Challenge starts again today – 30 posts in 30 days.  I participated for the first time in July – and planned to participate each quarter.  However at the end of July, I realized the time commitment was definitely more than I expected.


Last week, as I started to receive notifications in my inbox that the challenge was starting up again, I knew […]

How Long Does it Take YOU to Build a Habit?

I’ve often heard “you can build (or break) a habit in 21 days”.  Yet, I’m not sure I’ve actually built (or broken) a habit in 3 weeks.  Have you?

For example, this past month, I’ve been participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Each day this month I wrote a different blog post.  This included holidays, weekends, and the week I was on jury duty.  For […]

10 Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Starting Your Next “Big Thing”

I’ve written a few posts about “being busy, busy, busy” all day long, but not making progress towards accomplishing your goals.  My advice usually boils down to – focus on your priorities and complete those tasks first.
A recap of those posts . . .

Don’t Confuse Progress With Motion – The Procrastination Dilemma

Direct Sellers – Are You Majoring in the Minors?

Direct Sellers – Are You […]

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 2 and the Pareto Rule

Today is Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – I am committing to blogging every day for the month of July. (If you aren’t familiar with the challenge – I invite you to check it out!)    This means – you will be getting LOTS of content from me this month!

Now, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile – you know that I’ve […]

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